Kayakathon Man

RELEASE  2.4,  dated  July 25, 2010

KAYAKATHONMAN  ADVENTURES  on  the  Northern  Forest  Canoe  Trail

NFCT Mission Statement

Mike Stavola
May 15, 2009

            Set the record for fastest solo paddle of the NFCT.  I plan to attempt this without any shuttles.  I will follow the trail in one direction only (southwest to northeast) and will paddle as much of the trail as is humanly possible.  I will portage my kayak on designated carry trails as well as along any feasible rights of way when absolutely necessary due to rapids, water falls, or impassable objects.  Since water conditions are variable and may prove to make the trail unnavigable in many locations, and as there are no rules as to where or when one portages his boat, it will be up to the reader to decide whether I accomplish this feat in a properly acceptable manner. 
            I will accept no help in paddling or portaging my kayak.  I will carry all of my own food, water and gear.  I will camp and cook as often as possible.  However, I will take advantage of the niceties of civilization at times if and when I feel it necessary as this trail is both an urban as well as backwoods endeavor. 
            All extra food, water and gear will be dropped off ahead of time at pre-selected locations.  In the event that I have an immediate need, I will pursue it locally or forgo it completely.

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